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Renewable Energy

• Energy management and energy consulting services available worldwide.
• 100% Renewable Energy Certified Power Purchase Agreements available in Spain and Portugal.


• Turnkey solutions for industrial and residential projects in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Colombia.
• Operational and ready to build solar farms available for purchase in Spain.
• Financing with PPA available on a case per case basis.

Biogas, Biomass, Cogeneration and Trigeneration

• Turnkey solutions available in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Colombia.

LED Lighting

• Wholesale priced LED’s available worldwide.

Real Estate

We pride ourselves in having access to some of the most excusive real estate in the world, typically coming from family offices or directly from UHNW clients.


• Commercial real estate with 10+ years signed leases available starting at 28 million EUR.
• Development projects available starting at 12 million EUR.

Latin America

• Development projects available starting at 1 million USD.

Financial Products

All products offered have gone through our intensive due diligence process. We only list what we think is the very best in the financial sector today and thus we personally invest in every product we offer.

Factoring Fund

• Location: United Estates, Mexico and Ecuador.
• AUM: 13 million USD
• Current Raise: 7 million USD
• Minimum Investment: 1 million USD
• Target Close: December 2020
• Interest: Fixed 10-12% per year depending on size and location of investment
• Insurance: Euler Hermes covering 80% of principle in U.S. and Mexico
• Current default Rate: less than 1%

Forex Hedgefund

• Location: Luxembourg
• AUM: 10 million EUR
• Current Raise: 50 million EUR
• Minimum Investment: 125k EUR
• Target Close: December 2020
• 2019 Returns: 28.4% Gross 17.81% Net
• Insurance: MGI Captive Fund covering 100% of the investment. Kicks in after 36 months
• Liquidity: 14 Days. No penalty after 36 months
• U.S. Investors: ETF available

Brokerage Services

Our onboarding or due diligence process for any product takes between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on its complexity. We currently accept listings based on the following criteria:

• Location: Europe, United States and Latin America
• Industry: Renewable Energy, Real Estate and Financial Products
• Size: Minimum 1 million USD

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are available worldwide and are charged at a fixed hourly rate in addition to travel, meals and stay. We specialize in management consulting and streamlining the fundraising process.

Management Consulting

Throughout the years we have come across several companies that fail to succeed because they fail to innovate, or they simply fail to pivot before it is too late. Thanks to our own partnerships we continuously come across the most innovative companies in various sectors and therefore can offer you guidance on the steps needed to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, some of our clients are continuously looking to expand through partnerships, which could very well be the last piece of the puzzle for your company.

Streamlining the Fundraising Process

We often find that our clients are not successful at raising money because they neither understand the fundraising process nor what investors are looking for. We work with them through every step of the way including the creation of marketing materials, restructuring of the company, optimization of financials, and scheduling of the road show.